Mariana Sucupira




Mariana was born in sunny Rio de Janeiro, in 1976. She spent her childhood between São Paulo and Iraq, and part of her teen years in the United States and Switzerland. She completed a Law Degree but was never really passionate enough about it. She then started working in fashion at Graça Ottoni where she developed several functions, until she met a stylist and fell in love with the job description. Since the year 2000, Mariana has dedicated her career to being a fashion stylist. She has already worked for Vogue Brasil, and developed editorials for L’Officiel Brasil and Dossier Journal.  She has been developing important works for renowned brands such as Bárbara Bela, Mabel Magalhães, Mary Design, Faven, Elisa Atheniense, Cosh, Ap 03, Printing, Coven, Drosofila, Graça Ottoni, Victor Hugo and Adidas Y3. Besides fashion, obviously, she loves contemporary art, as well as vintage furniture and all things design related. She currently resides and works in Belo Horizonte.

"The most important thing in fashion is to be able to transpose your own impressions of life to your work and inspire people".